Vidlock Vidlock
Dec 3, 2007
Servers moved to new datacenter
Apr 9, 2008
7 year anniversay of Vidlock
Dec 15, 2007
Vidpass Launches Live
May 1, 2007
Vidpass Entering Alpha Stage
Mar 12, 2007 Version of Encoder released

VidLock Free No Charge VidLock Free allows you to add a simple DRM system to your website. Perfect for sites to test out the DRM service. Up to 50 licenses can be issued per month.
VidLock Basic $24.99 per month VidLock Basic is ideal for most monthly subscription websites. Encode all your content with a single key and each user will download a license once per month. Basic service comes with 30,000 license requests per month.
Additional Licenses $9.99 per 20,000 If you need more license requests than your package supports you can purchase additional ones for 9.99 per 20,000
P2P Advertising Free Looking for a DRM service to provide your website with hits via P2P advertising? Our Vidlock Advertisers service allows you to encode an unlimited number of files that you can distribute onto P2P networks in exchange for a percentage of your traffic. All at no charge to you, simply download our encoding application and encode your content. Please contact us via email for details.